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In the beginning, all ornaments I made were trimmed with the biggest, fattest lace to be found at any given craft store.  If it was on sale, you KNOW it came home with me & would end up on an ornament!  Yes, that the 1980’s.  Big hair, big lace, big looks!

Looking back at my older ornaments, I’ll admit that wide lace was a fad & actually overpowered the final look of the cross stitch folded star ornament.  With time, I decided that less is best. Coordinating the trim with the fabric and design became the priority.

Ornament Trim Essentials

The trim actually serves a functional purpose.  It conceals the raw edges of the folded fabric on the cross stitch folded star ornament. When you craft your ornament, the long raw edges of the fabric triangles will create a continuous line that goes completely around the ornament.  At the top of the ornament, attaching a means to hang the ornament is a must.

The minimum length I use for the trim to circle the ornament is 10 inches & allows for plenty of overlap. I tend to use anything from a strip of fabric with the raw edges folded in, ribbon,  multiple wraps of raffia or cord – you name it.  If I can wrap it around the ornament & it looks great, I’ll give it a try.

Colors are important & using trim that’s too wide or too elaborate I feel detracts from the stitching & quilting on the ornament.  If I’ve chosen a cross stitch design with metallic floss, I like to add hints of shine to my trimmings, using ribbon with gold or silver highlights.

Trim Is A Big Part Of Your Design

How to add design elements to your ornament?  I always stop, take a look, then try different ideas out.  Each ornament can be so different.  Sometimes just a simple loop of ribbon to create a small bow is all that’s needed. Sometimes I do go a little over the top.

Folded Star Ornament BelieveWith the country themed ornament pictured, raffia was chosen for the trimming as it highlighted the tan color in the base stripe fabric placed on the ornament.  The raffia was wrapped around the ornament, a bow was placed on top, then a raffia tassel was crafted & placed at the bottom of the ornament. I added buttons with tiny raffia bows & glued them to opposite sides. I found a BELIEVE decoration left over from another craft project & it was the perfect topper at the hanging / top point. The result?  I think the finished trim really made this ornament special.

The finishing of cross stitch folded star ornaments is where you can get very creative & make your ornament your own.  Just as in all parts of your life, don’t be afraid to try something different. Different is lovely!