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It’s been a lot of wonderful years since the first Cross Stitch Folded Star Ornament book was published and I am very thankful.  It opened up a lot of things for me that continue to make me a better designer, keep up with design technology & in general, a better human.  I’ve been so fortunate to have met so many amazing people along the way too.  Many of those who were important & influential but, to me, folks I could never measure up to, are now, happily, true friends.  Thanksgiving weekend is a time to look at what you have then pause to be grateful.  Despite the inevitable low spots in life that we ALL encounter, can honestly say that yes, I really am thankful.

It’s ALSO when all the great sales are to be mined by shoppers in time for the Christmas Holiday. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday are shopping traditions and I love them all!  But I’m going to add “Thank You Sunday” to the list and make a full 4 day sale weekend for my Folded Star Ornament book.  Sharing what we love, with those we love is what it’s about so offering $2 off each book for the special four days only. Just click on the image below to take advantage of the savings. It’s my way to say thanks to all who actually read what I write!

And this Thanksgiving?  I am thankful for all the wonderful, gracious stitchers & quilters who have found my book then brought my silly idea into their homes through the years. Really, you’re the best!