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I LOVE fat quarters.  If you’re a quilter, you know what I’m talking about.  If you don’t, here’s the scoop. Fat quarters are pre-cut pieces of  fabric. They are taken from one yard of fabric,cut in half lengthwise,and then in half width-wise. The dimensions are approximately 18 x 22 inches. They’re sold in a wide variety of stores and/or craft departments, from Walmart to JoAnne’s and even online.  Best of all?  They are perfect for folded star ornament crafting.

  Cut Fabric in Half

If I’m using a full piece of fabric, I typically cut strips all the way across the full fabric width, fold & iron, then cut into my folded star quilting blocks by folding & cutting the fabric in half, again & again.

What I like most about fat quarters is that the dimensions guarentee there’s little waste. Each fat quarter is enough to make at least 4 ornaments per fabric. To me, fat quarters are just fun.  They give me lots of options & most of all, if I want to get new fabric – and you KNOW how quilters hate adding to the fabric stash – they’re a  cost effective way to try something new.  And it keeps your stash from growing out of control. Also, you might have one fabric in your stash but not a good second fabric to pair. Fat quarters are perfect for just that little bit of color you might need.