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For me, it’s always all about fabric first. When making cross stitch folded star ornaments, it’s important to coordinate ALL the fabrics needed to put the ornaments together – the 14 count Aida cloth, the fabric & the embroidery floss.

How To Pick What To Use?

I generally pick two quilting fabrics that work well with each other, then pick my Aida cloth and finally, choose my embroidery floss to coordinate with the fabrics I pick. I tend to put them all together, layered so I can see how they will look, then step back and decide if the combination works – or doesn’t.  Really!

Do I Do This With Every Ornament I Make?

Yes, I do. The most obvious is that cross stitch folded star ornaments are, in reality, tiny little round quilts.  Quilters agonize over fabric selection and how different combinations of fabrics will change the way a finished quilt will look.  Stitchers may not worry so much, but they should. Aida cloth choices are not quite as extensive as quilting fabrics, but there ARE quite a few choices.


The biggest thing to keep in mind is that Aida cloth is fabric too.  The color of the Aida you pick will change how your ornament will look when all the elements are combined. Since the Aida is the center of the ornament & background for your stitching, choosing a color to coordinate with the quilting fabrics you wish to use is essential.

The many variations of “beige” or “off-white” might seem ok most of the time, but the wrong background may clash with your quilting fabrics.  Plus, the Aida color you pick can transform your ornament from country chic to classy contemporary depending on the colors & print of your quilting fabrics.

As for the quilting fabrics, remember that the fabric nearest to the Aida will have less than ½ inch showing.  The outer fabric is most important as that is the fabric you see most.

Here’s A Fabric Planning Tip

Want to hang your ornament on a Christmas tree?  I tend to make my outer fabric ANYTHING but green – so it can be seen! If your tree isn’t green, then a green outer fabric is lovely.  But I’ve not seen many Christmas trees that weren’t green.

You’d never just jump in your car & take off for a long vacation without a little bit of planning, right?  Deciding on a destination before driving away is pretty important, after all. Take the time & plan your cross stitch folded star ornaments too.  It’s well worth it!